A Thanksgiving Blessing

“When we experience a sense of gratitude, we give ourselves a dose of mental sunshine.  Suddenly the world seems brighter, and we have more options.  And the greatest thing is that as we experience the mental sunshine of gratitude, we begin to glow with sunshine ourselves.  Suddenly not only is the world brighter, but we are too.  Soon we notice that our lives are full of people who want to be around us because we exude peacefulness, happiness, and joy.” — M.J. Ryan

you for the blessing of your parenting. Thank you for your hard — I would say heroic — work. Thank you for your commitment to grow, both as a human
being and as a parent.  I’m honored to be part of your journey.

Why does parenting matter? 

Because unconditional parenting will help more children grow up to be compassionate, responsible, well-adjusted human beings.  Ultimately, whether
things change for the better in our world will depend on the quality of the people we’re creating, every day, in our families. Everything – even, perhaps,
whether our planet survives – depends on how we shape the next generation or two of human beings. In a very real way, the future of the world rests
on the shoulders of parents.

Each of us is a light. Together we’re illuminating the world.  Not just for today, but for all the tomorrows of all of our children and their children.

Today may you be blessed with gratitude.

Gratitude for that first moment when you held your child in your arms

Gratitude for exactly who your child is today

Gratitude for the life force coaxing him or her to blossom,

even if we can’t always see that’s what’s happening.

Gratitude for the help that is always there if you ask, supporting you to be the best possible parent for your child

even during difficult moments.

Gratitude even for those difficult moments, that help us to grow

and blossom ourselves, to find new reservoirs of love

inside our own hearts.

Gratitude that your unique child was placed in your arms

To nurture and guide and love.

May you be blessed this Thanksgiving week with gratitude — and a cornucopia of miracles, large and small.


“Each of us is a light. Together we illuminate the world.” – Barbara De Angelis


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